Mideast Region

Delaware - DC - Kentucky - Maryland - New Jersey
Ohio - Pennsylvania - Virginia - West Virginia

2016 Mideast Regional Convention 

April 29-May 1, 2016 - Ocean City, Maryland 


FEATURED SPEAKERS:                                                                                                        
 Andrew Weissman, Vice President
 Andrew Weissman has played a significant role in the expansion and growth of Market America  both  domestically and internationally.  Andrew is a regular featured speaker and instructor at a  number of events,  including our International Convention, World Conference; Moving Up  Seminars; and various Regional, District and local events.  Andrew's strength is in training how to  effectively and efficiently implement the entire UnFranchise Business Development System.  In addition, he specializes in teaching how to master the basic fundamentals necessary to realize one's full potential.
 Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President
 Having helped develop Market America's original online shopping platform and the Preferred  Customer program, Dennis's focus is now on global sales.  He also supports Market America's  Health Professional program, nutraMetrix, and the ultimate weight loss program, TLS Weight Loss  Solution.  Additionally, he is charged with increasing product diversity within UnFranchise Owner  organizations.  Dennis was the offensive center on the University of Michigan's "Team of the Decade" for most wins and later, enjoyed playing five years with the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions.  After football, Dennis was able to earn over $1 million in commissions in one year owning a home-based business.
 Charles & Peggy Baer, Mideast Regional Director & Executive Director
 Charles and Peggy opened their business in 1995.  Since that time they have trained and mentored  many  individuals and seen them reach their financial and personal goals.  They are members of  the Market  America Advisory Council, Million Dollar Club, and members of the 2005 Dream Team.  In addition to their many accomplishments they are also Certified Trainers, nutraMetrix Consultants  and, quite naturally, consistent UFOs.
 Lisa Martin, Motives Director of Field Development
 Lisa became an UnFranchise Owner while in college, where she eventually earned a Bachelor of  Science in International Business with a marketing concentration.  She previously worked as a  buyer for an advertising/promotional company.  She has many accomplishments as an  UnFranchise Owner, including being a Director and Million Dollar Club member, a Motives Certified  Trainer since 2008, the 2012 Motives Certified Trainer of the Year, a multiple Motives Challenge achiever, a multiple President's Challenge achiever and the MVP for Mideast Region in 2014.
 Michele and Tony Molinaro, Supervising Coordinators
 Michele and Tony Molinaro come from successful business backgrounds, owning a restaurant in  Connecticut for many years.  In the late 1990s, Michele and Tony discovered marketing on the  Internet and their hobby grew into a significant business, with numerous websites and hundreds of  thousands of customers.  Since starting their UnFranchise Business in 2009, they have achieved  every Local, District and Regional challenge, including three consecutive President's Challenges.
 Sarah Tugender, National Sales Manager for nutraMetrix
 Sarah Tugender is a former pharmaceutical sales rep and corporate sales manager.  She is also  the daughter of an OB-GYN who implements nutraMetrix in his private practice.  Sarah attended  her first nutraMetrix training while she was a junior at Boston University.  Through a few dedicated  years of hard work, Sarah is now able to work from home with her husband, Dan and daughter,  Ella.