Mideast Region

Delaware - DC - Kentucky - Maryland - New Jersey
Ohio - Pennsylvania - Virginia - West Virginia


Challenges for the Mideast Regional Convention

If you act now by your next local seminar in your area, and make your 3-ticket purchase to the event, we will back date your challenge to the week of World Conference, giving you an additional 4 weeks to achieve the challenges.

Anyone going for TOP TEN on the Mideast Regional Challenge, MUST purchase their 6 tickets through the challenge coordinator, Yardley Wang, by going to www.gonownj.com to make your purchase. Failure to do this will disqualify you for the TOP TEN!!!

Below are the Challenges for the Mideast Regional Conference. Click on each of the documents below and print out the challenges to use as your stepping stone for growth of your business. Good luck on achieving this challenge and we look forward in seeing you on stage! (Please read each challenge and the rules)

Challenge Winners will be recognized on stage at the event and get VIP seating.

2016 Mideast Regional Challenge

2016 Mideast Motives Challenge

2016 Mideast TLS Challenge

2016 Mideast Webcenter Challenge

2016 Mideast Nutrametrix Challenge

There is a special Mideast Regional MVP Challenge that runs annually from the last convention until this convention. Please print out the MVP Challenge below.

2016 MVP Challenge